The I Can Read System is an ideal education franchise for qualified teachers who are looking to retire, or current teachers who are looking for alternative opportunities for teachers. Investors with an interest in literacy may also apply and employ teachers for their centres.
Teaching reading happy students
Work your own hours in the location of your choice


An I Can Read education franchise is an ideal opportunity for teachers who want the independence

of working for themselves. Choose your location. Choose your hours.


Head Office will provide full teacher training, artwork for your new premises, marketing plans and

advice on how to get known in your area.


Work in small groups or one-on-one


Depending on students' requirements, you can work in groups of 8 or less children, or one-on-one with those students who prefer your undivided attention or who may have special requirements. 


You may structure lessons according to your own schedule. Prior to enrolment, you will assess each student with the I Can Read Diagnostic Assessment, recommend a suitable programme for the child's needs and arrange a time for the student's weekly lessons.

Teaching reading at I Can Read
Students keen to learn
Think about your future


An I Can Read education franchise is an inexpensive entry to a career in education, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The education franchise business is expanding throughout Australia and the rest of the world

and your choice needs to be based on your research.


We are confident recommending potential teachers and investors explore all options so as to make a considered decision about an education franchise.

Love what you do!


If you love literacy, you'll love teaching the I Can Read System. It's easy to teach and easy to learn. It's a proven system with over 200,000 success stories.


And when you've taught a child to read, you'll love the parents' gratitude and the child's increased self-confidence now that he/she has unlocked the code and is reading fluently.


Then you'll move on to teaching the child comprehension skills, creative writing, grammar, spelling, speaking in front of the group and all aspects of our wonderful English language! Advanced literacy programmes address the elements of the primary syllabus.

Happy girl learnt to read at I Can Read